What does a Treehouse cost?

When it comes to building custom treehouses there are no set prices. With many different factors and different client requests no two treehouses are ever the same, which is why the price varies so much project to project. The information below is provided to give a general idea of treehouse costs. Please note that prices do not include travel and lodging costs for our crew.

  • A basic open aired platform with roof and railing built with economy materials starts at $75,000.
  • A closed in treehouse with an exposed interior stud wall built with economy materials starts at $100,000.
  • A closed in treehouse with finished interior built with economy materials starts at $150,000.
  • A more high end treehouse, one you can live in or perhaps one that you are going to rent out, that is closed in with fully finished interior built with economy materials and all the amenities of home starts at $200,000.

Cost Factors

Each treehouse we build is unique, has its own design elements and special touches requested by clients. All of these aspects can affect the final price of the treehouse. Please read on to learn more about some of these factors:


We have built small backyard treehouses as well as luxury treehouses that have been over 2,500 square feet! The larger the treehouse, the more materials and labor time will be needed.


A treehouse can be built with a single platform or multiple platforms. Multiple platforms will increase the cost since more materials will be required. Another cost consideration is how high off the ground we will be building. The higher the build the more difficult, which can require more time on the job.

Access to the Site

Some jobs have gentle, easy terrain where our trucks, work trailers and delivery trucks can have easy access. Other sites can be deep into the woods. There are jobs where we have had to find ways of getting the materials up hills to bring them to the treehouse site. The more difficult it is to access the site the more time it will take to build, equaling higher costs.

Complexity of Design

Some examples of different designs:

  • Square/plumb walls opposed to leaning out slanted walls.
  • Having a straight level ridge line opposed to a beautiful swale in ridge.
  • Trees completely out of structure opposed to having trees come through the structure.

Trees on Site

You may want a treehouse but may not have the proper trees. Or maybe you have a few trees but your treehouse requires more support. Don’t worry! Tree posts can be added for additional support while keeping that treehouse feel. We cut down hardwood trees with their branches intact for tree posts. We place these posts on concrete footings for extra support. We harvest our tree posts from your treehouse site if available and, if not, we can locate them in other ways.


There are so many options for products and materials. Live edge Pine, Western cedar, reclaimed wood are some of our favorites to work with! Different aspects of the build can have various price points depending on the materials used. For example, if your job has a tight budget we would recommend using pressure treated lumber for decking as opposed to ipe. Railings are a specialty of ours and we love creating our unique stick post system. There are also other options such as cable or standard wood posts or a 4”x 4” fence material which is budget friendly and does not obstruct view. Many of our clients love using reclaimed windows but new windows can be installed as well, they are just a little harder on the wallet. A typical roof uses asphalt shingles but if you are looking for a different look we have also installed many metal roofs. Metal roofing is an increase in price from standard shingles but lasts a lot longer.

Special Features

Kitchenette, bathroom, insulation, plumbing, electricity, metal roof, ramp, stair entry, loft, interior finish, outdoor deck space, we can do it all! All of these special features are add-ons to the price ranges listed above.


Location costs will vary depending on where you are in the world! These costs are for traveling expenses to get our expert crew to your site. We do our best to keep these costs as low as we can.

Note: Treehouse estimates also do not include engineering fees which can range from $5,000-$10,000 in public or commercial settings, $2,500 and up in some private settings.

We work one on one with our clients to come up with a design that works best to keep you within your budget while keeping your treehouse dream alive.