Gays Fairy Tree house
Ft. Bragg, California

Gay and Mark Tomlinson are “all grown-up” and retired, but they are definitely still kids at heart! When Gay called the guys to say she wanted a tree house for her family that would accommodate her elderly parents, her children, and grandchildren, and that combined the spirit of Dr. Seuss, hobbits, fairies and gnomes in a rustic style – we knew we had met our match! The finished results couldn’t be more delightful for all in this wonderful cluster of redwood trees. Designed by B’fer and built by Ka-V, B’fer, Clint and Mike Shulters.

Beautiful Redwood Treehouse

The Treehouse Guys are surrounded by the king of big trees, stunning Coast Redwoods, for their build in Fort Bragg, California. see more about this and other “The Treehouse Guys” episodes at

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